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The last entry for no_brain4jizz [Wednesday, Jun 21st, 2006
@ 9:09pm]
[ mood | good ]

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Jizz xx

[edit] ADD... now Now NOW!

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Hmmm.. [Tuesday, Feb 28th, 2006
@ 8:46pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Today I went with Jodie to go pick up her HSC results.. saw the gift year 12 of '05 bought the school.. its such a crap sun dial I thought it was a bird bath..
Came back to mine and watched Family guy then Bumed on the xbox like super losers =D

I've lost my travel pass so I might have to start paying for public transport till I can find it again.

I also havent had any contact with my 'special friend' for about a week now.. I hope he doesnt ignore me on Friday

What to do this weekend..
- WHO am i going to Static-X with?
- is anyone going to the after party?
- What to do after the Strange + MM9 gig?
- Mardi gras?
- Is anyone else invited to Sonya's House UNwarming Party?

I want to make a new LJ.. this 1 is filled with such crap.. New LJ coming SOON!

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Welcome to the church of... [Sunday, Feb 26th, 2006
@ 1:55am]
[ mood | bored ]

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'could be better' weekened [Friday, Feb 24th, 2006
@ 6:10pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Gah! Why does my family have to have the worst timing.
Here is a list of things I could be doing this weekend but due to the fact that my uncle is flying in from Fiji I cant do shit all:
- Vulture gig
- Openong of Club Blink
- Abduction
- Drinks at Tom's
- funkyhorror 's exhibition
- Mz Ann Thropik
- Wake the Dead
I may not have had time to do them all but it wasn't like my options were limited
oh well Bought my Suicie Girls ticket.. I now have a spare HIM mosh ticket because Damm you Sara is poor like myself (fingers crossed you get a jobbie), still in need of Korn mosh tickets =(, doesn't look like Im going to Opeth =( x2, Manda bought Strange + MM9 tickets today.. my job is to make sure she doesnt make out with inatimate objects while intoxicated, lol
But Static-x is in 1 week.. shouldn't be too bad, Jared is coming down, Glenn will be there, Dooley is going then After Party at Blink (fingers crossed I actually get my arse to it) should be pretty good.. or at least better than this weekend..

I promise to get my sorry arse to Bloodlust

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R.I.P. Birdy [Tuesday, Feb 21st, 2006
@ 11:16am]
[ mood | sad ]

At 6:30am on Tuesday the 21st February 2006 my Birdy passed away

2000 - 2006

from the time my mum bough him home he barely had any feathers but was still so cute.. he used to want to explore so much.. He'd inch around my dads collar of his shirt because he didn't have very good balance because the owner of his mother had clipped his wings.. then he fell trhough the shirt and came out the bottom where my dad caught him. =)
He used to sleep in a little box in my room with me full of tissues for a few eeks till he was big enough to live in a cage.. absolutely adorable.

So cheeky too, his trademark trick was to roll the coke cans along the table with his head and push them off.. the not so cool one was pushing some china statues off of the cabinet and watching them smash then dancing because he thought it was funny, lol.

If he was a dog he'd be a great fetcher.. roll the ball and watch the brid run for the other side.. sure he almost got run over.. but he stood in front of it and stopped it with his foot and kicked it back.

What an explorer.. I lost count how many times we've had to pull him first first out of a glass that he was trying to drink out of the bottom and fell in, hehe. and almost every meal time it was a war against the bird trying to stal our food from the plates.

Talkative little things... fave word must have been 'Birdy' which he'd repeat a million ytimes a day, but my fave phrase of his was 'Kiss Riss'.. I wish I could hear him say it now..

his last minutes with us..Collapse )

We won't replace him.. no bird could replace this little fighter.. Budgies arent supposed to live for more than about 4 years.. this little guy kicked on for about 6 or 7..
He will be greatly missed xxx

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Happy valentines Day Jizzness [Wednesday, Feb 15th, 2006
@ 11:35pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

lets update because we can..
last week was stupid stupid TAFE.. its not actually that abd Im just lazy and like to complain ^_^
didnt end up going to Bloodlust on Fridays (Sorry Lynn + Lyndall xx) but ended up going to Stonewalls across the street with mutch and Kira, hehe... i walked past the door to Rogues but thats about it.
Being a gay bar.. i must say I've never seen so many good looking guys in 1 place before.. what a shame they were all making out.. with each other..
Almost got caught in the middle of a gay bitch fight (couldnt wait for thr slapping to begin) but got pulled away by another gay couple.. they were cute too so i was happy.
Moved from Stonewall to the Shift... the Shift was way too queer for us.. even Mitch who happened to be the gay male so we went back to Stonewall.
mm then a whole lot of nothing for the weekend 
Yuk! Valentines Day.. I gave a present to myself - Like it?

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Less than a week till Valentines Day [Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2006
@ 5:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Dear Cupid,

This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.

A psychic told me that I would fall in love with xxbubblecumxx.
cxnt79 gave me a kiss but I think they were drunk at the time.
We were playing spin the bottle and Cherubicka tried to kiss my lips but missed and kissed me in the eye (consequently blinding me for 3 days).

So, as you can see, it's been a hectic year. Can you please make Mitching fall in love with me this Valentine's day?


Take this Quiz at QuizGalaxy.com
( or, take the 'adult' version at QuizUniverse.com )
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I have his bullet chain! Weeeeeee!! [Sunday, Feb 5th, 2006
@ 11:29pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well Going to Blink eneded up being on Myself ans Twig.. No Tanya No Jay and No Dave.. what a cockarse..
Ran into Manda (sfc3 ) on the train with Jordan who danced for us up and down the asile, lol.. go Manda!
I got hiot on by some strange guy at Macca's in Kings X.. not cool.. walked far FAR away after that and ended up outside the doors to Blink somehow, lol
Didn t quite end up having the rumble with Lic that we all predicted would have happened.. instead she bought me a drink on her birthday ^_^
Danced like nuts for ages.. (yay we dance like SEX Sara!!) and Myes.. met a few 'very nice' people.. (You might have moticed as i said good bye to you sara when i was outside i amde a new friend.. hehe) and um.. yeh..

Are Kira and I fucking cute or what?

Yhe then a nice whole heap of fuck all this weekend... thats all..
TAFE tomorrow.. waaah! Tanya I dont want to go.. I want to sleep and shop all day =(

I need more money.. i wany piercings..must buy Suicide Girls ticket, opeth ticket, Static-X ticket, Korn Ticket.. pay back Matt for my HIm ticket.. Ah!! Im going to be poor.. So much to buy so little money..

Bloodlust Friday.. yay its medical night!! maybe my sticky hot pvc nurses dress maybe not.. whos going??

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Holy shit! Let me touch your head!! [Wednesday, Feb 1st, 2006
@ 1:25pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Im late again but meh.. oh well

Friday went to Vulture at the Crest Hotel with Kayla.. not happy.. Flyer said 8.. they got on at 9:45.. pfftt..
The most amusing part had to be Sam's great job of petting my hair and messing it up too..  Revenge will be taken at his next gig on the 24th..


WARNING! Picture Heavy! Annoyed people next to me make photos blurryCollapse )

mmm.. a fat pile of nothing that weekend

Bought my new phone on Monday - My Nokia 6230.. now you can all bluetooth me your cool things to make my phone coolerer.. Oh I recieved my Nurses dress too.. Hot + a 1/2!
Tuesday went to go visit Paul.. Public Transport sucks arse.. left C'town at 2ish.. got home at 5.. Fuuuccckk!!

TAFE Orientation tomorrow... so not looking forward to it.. oh well hopefulyl myself and tanya will be the same classes if we pick the same electives and we'll have breaks together so close enough I guess

Friday.. Blink anyone?? (haha what a GREAT reason to go...) yeh you know!!

Tanya is better than you and this is why.. My hair is going to be better than yours

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A Little Boredem [Wednesday, Jan 25th, 2006
@ 10:37pm]
[ mood | .. still.. ]

Stolen from candy_coreCollapse )

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Mudvayne.. again... [Wednesday, Jan 25th, 2006
@ 5:24pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Yesterday was Mudvayne, yay!!.. again.
Went to Blacktown with Michael, Kira and Dooley to have lunch and get Kira some pants, then went to Utopia for the signing where we met up with Matt and Taryn and the other Matt and a few others Including Sam.. sorry to Sara for not saying hi (I hope you get better <3 ).. like I said I was off in dream land, lol. oh yeh close to Mudvayne Lyn and Kim butted in too, (Kim left happy little silver surprise on my cheek as well.. I wonder if its still there..)
After the signing Kira, Michael, Matt, Matt, Taryn bumed around on George St for awhile (Kira used her big mouth to flag down a taxi for Lyn and Kim) before going to central. Found Sam again with his friend Pat.. or jerk off.. then Stuart toodled along too (strange.. very) oh and Manda, Tanya, Jay and Dave turned up too.. annoying trip to Roundhouse..found more peopel at the roundhouse like Jason, Amy, Aaron and Daniel.. and this guy that thinks he met me on the train..

Didnt we get hammered at the concert.. watched Dave and Matt get fucked up in the death circle during Switchkicker. then made our way to the front of the mosh before Mudvayne, haha Courtney got pulled out before the music had even begun.. and Kira and I pushed about 70 people over because we got pissed off we were constantly being stepped on.

How sad i didnt even last throught the first song purely for the fact that a) my clothes were being pulled off and b) my jaw was going to be snapped off, Kira and I took a break and talked to Kim and Lyn for awhile then got back in the mosh and ended up behind Dave. During World So Cold we all got out and went up stairs becase we're special to get drinks then moshed yet again till the very end

Ran into Sarz and Dan at McDonalds and agreed that this concert was better than the last..The ran to get another taxi back to central before we missed the very last train back to Blacktown... So sore.. but so worth it

I need money for tickets to Static-X and Disturbed/Korn/Hatebreed and Opeth.. DONATE TO ME!

yay! my PVC nurses's dress should arrive early next week in time for bloodlust!!!.. Oh I also got bored and made myself a Darstralings account Jizz @ Darkstarlings.com

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"He's a figment of your imagination".. "Is not!".. [Saturday, Jan 21st, 2006
@ 3:11pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Wednesday Tanya had fun with my hair who shaved my mohawk, dyed and cut my hair.. didnt do a bad job too, I wish you'd hurry up and make my dreads lady!!

MoHawk!Collapse )

Thursday was my birthday.. great way to start off my birthday was getting up at 6:30am to spew.. I was so sick on my birthday which killed some of my plans such as going to get pierced and buying clothes but oh well.. my party thing still went ahead

More than I expected turned up. around about the 20 or so turned up.. I dont even know if I invited that many but oh well.. besides the fact the outside of my house started to smell worse than the inside.. must be the mix of smoke and deoderant. Got a glass photo frame off Daniel, a empty juce bottle from Finn (he picks gifts so well....), and money off others who decided to actually give me something for my bday.. (most was whatever money people had in their wallets.. so poor)..

Friday went to Blink with Matt, Tanya and Jay.. ran into Sam at McDonalds who was nice enough to stay with me for most of the night.. Met some awsome people.. and some strange people.. got tons of free drinks.. um.. yeh twas fun ^_^

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yppaH yadhtriB [Thursday, Jan 19th, 2006
@ 12:41am]
[ mood | excited ]

OhMyGod! Jizz is 18 today!!

Happy Birthday Larissa!

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[Thursday, Jan 12th, 2006
@ 9:50pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Went to the city today to meet up with Matt, Shell and Sara. Shell and Sara bought along 2 other friends Alyssa and Gina.. they're so cute.. i think they're lesbians (Im not being mean.. Im just asuming).
Ran into Dooley in Pady's.. aw I miss not seeing Dooley.. must hang out with that boy more
Booked my lip piecing for next week... Rob was so nice and msgd me after I got home.. haha turns out he thinks Shelli is hot! too bad she likes girls..


Everyone has these...Collapse )

ah yes and my 18th party is on Friday the 20th of Jan (days after my actual Birthday) so if you guys arent doing anything....

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ONE! [Monday, Jan 9th, 2006
@ 9:48pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Wednesday Night.. went to Mitch's place and had a girls night in. We drank champagne and watched family guy while he straightened his hair and buffed and polished and whatever else my nails.. he made them pretty! Hes so gay.. I love that girl..

Friday my brother and dad left for Umina so Mitch and Kira came over for the night.. another girls night in minus the fact that kira is.. yesh not so girly.. haha.. lots of bitching and catching up to do.. not bad
Got bored so I dressing mitch up pretty.. (havent posted a photo in awhile so some pics I took of "Mitch-elle"


Prettyest Boy AliveCollapse )

Saturday Kira and I went to blacktown way too late and got my hair re-pinked.. yay!! then to parra to kill some time before we went to windsor to a party hosted by Oliva who works with kira

Party was kinda boring.. spent the first portion msging Kim and blahing about how much Windsor sucked.. Kim agreed and told me to drink myself silly si the party wont be as bad.. I wish i could have done that if everyone did drink MY drinks.. pfft.. there goes my $50.. oh well came back home on Sunday and found that my mum left my birthday cards on my bed (which means shes going to be a bitch and nto see me on my birthday.. much better that way anyway) and all together from my mum an dother relatives I picked up $170 or so.. not sure what to do with it yet.. some new things I guess.. not sure what..

Whos going to Suicide Girls?

P.S. - Happy Birthday Jay!.. Grab life by the balls! lol

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and the saga continues.. [Wednesday, Jan 4th, 2006
@ 9:14pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well dad is getting better.. sort of.. went to counselling today... gos I hate my mum..

on to better things...
My brother is taking my dad to Umina this weekend and considering I despise it there Im going to Kira's for the weekend.. got invited to a piss up so yeh.. things could be worse hey..

Im helping Tanya get together a few models for a photoshoot for a band.. so far I have Lydall, Keisha and Sara.. waiting on replies from Shelli and Lynn.. I cant hink of who else to ask at the moment.. Tanya if you want more I'll find you more

and Lyndall if you could inform Lynn and ask Lousie too if she wants to model

If anyone wants in just let me know

my 18th is in 2 weeks + 1 day.. I dont know what to do.. I have ideas but I'll keep thinking.. Dan suggested hiring a hall and asking bands to play but meh.. I dont know.. Roachy is having Dead Inside play at his bday the day after Mudvayne so maybeeee... I could get donations at the door so I dont have to pay for the whole thing myself, lol, Im so cheap

Oh yes and Matt rules!! He's buying me new stompy boots for my bday. a full $220 worth (Look See Here!) and getting me a HIM ticket for $60.. aw I love him..

Oh I also got into my Music Business course too, woohoo!!

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10 things I want to say to... [Saturday, Dec 31st, 2005
@ 8:15pm]
[ mood | hot ]

[Taken from alot of people]

List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.

- Don't say who they are.
- Disable comments.
- Never discuss it again

im not going to disable comments

1. I like you alot... but stop pestering me and telling me you love me and shit like that... dont say it if you dont mean it.. you're a real pain in the arse

2. I wish you'd stop being such a fucking arsehole!! pull your head out of your arse and wake up and see who's worth what..

3. stop telling lies about me to other people.. I'll always catch you out because you know I'm better than you.. and my arse isnt as wide as yours either

4. I wish you weren't so punk.. and your clothes werent as holey (yes holey not holy)

5. I hearts you... I wish you lived closer

6. I hearts you too... I think you like me.. alot... too bad you're a lesbian.. and Im straight

7. I dont know whether to believe you at times or whether you're lying to me or just bending the truth.. think for yourself.. and for god sake stick up for yourself too

8. I dont know if we're still friends.. I havent seen you in like forver..you dont seem the same.. I hope we are [edited]
I know we are.. you just called me to wish me a happy new year.. thank you very much.. I miss not seeing you.. lets go spill blood together again =)

9. I've spoken to your girlfriend.. and you're emo in everyway we can think of... stop being so over-protective and let her lead her own life.. and she will NOT move in with you..

10. I miss yooou ♥

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Rose "OhMyGawd Jizzzzzzzzzz!!" [Thursday, Dec 29th, 2005
@ 2:38am]
[ mood | itchy ]

It's one of those days

Today (well yesterday) my plan was go to the city to meet Matt to get my Christmas present off him.. didnt quite turn out that simple

Whilst in Blacktown with dad I got a call from Kira saying to come have lunch with Michael and Mel and little Courtney and whole heap of other people.. so I did. Got on the train to the city to get a call from matt saying their train was 20min late so they'll be there at 2:30 rather than 2... Thankfully as soon as I reached Utopia I ran into Rachael who occupised me till Matt got there. Went back to Utopia so I could prove to Matt that jewellery from Utopia is way overpriced and ran into Dooley and his little group of punk so and so's.. then caught Rose a little later on still in front of Utopia (literally.. she was stoned off her face)
found out a few certain things about Liv hating me... very interresting..
Not Much happened after that... took Matt and his friends shoe shopping.. found awsome shoes.. too bad they were like $500.. fixed Matt's hair because its falling out..

Oh yes to Lyndall, Matt needs his dreads to be taken out before the 24th of Jan, we're going to mudvayne and dont want his hair to be ruined... and I'll get you the money for my other friend's falls early Jan.. shes giving me the money on NYE.. the whole payment i think..

Might be going 'camping' with Sara and Shelli on NYE.. its not really camping.. just partying outdoors or something like that... I still wnat other options so if anyone has any ideas... feel free to share

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We'll be fine with our... hubcap.. [Sunday, Dec 18th, 2005
@ 7:18pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Went shopping on Friday with Sara and Kayla
I bought my hair dye from newtown, but thats about it.. Sara bought out half of sydney with her nothing over $15 rule which actually works.. she streched $50 pretty far

Went to go see King Kong that night with Kira who happily greeted me on the train with a chocolate falvoured condom she found on the floor (it was still in the packet.. we're not that dirty). Movie didnt start for another 45min so we went to third ave McDonalds to get dinner, feeling bored.. got our dinner and put the condom in the straw despenser and ran for it..  so amusing
Walking back to the cinemas some arsehole cop knocked over my large coke from Macca's and only stopped to look at the cup on the ground and say sorry.. what a wanker.. didnt offer to pay for it or anything.. I hadnt even drunk any, pfft
Met up with Sarah and Finn in line, Found out sarah had to do her Music Business interview over the phone which was sorta slack but at least shes got it done now. Don't ask about King Kong.. alright movie but such a waste of 2 hours of film at the start. I totally forgot I was even watcing King Kong, no giant monkey
After the movie we proceeded on turning off the escalators at westpoint (dont do that.. it makes a very bad loud siren noise), turning off the escalators at Blacktown train station and racing trolleys through the car park like true jackass's. We also picked up a hubcap and P plates as well as 2 guys asking for our numbers.. I offered the hupcap to him.

Drove Kira to work on Saturday and went to a 'friends house' that night.. didnt do much.. just talked for ages then slept.. the end
Bought a new phone today but as soon as i got home i found a better one (hows gay of me) so Im seeling my noka 2650 to Dooley for $150,
bought for $119
network locking removed for $30.. its basically an ouright phone now
Outright price - $179

if anyone can do better than $150 and wants the phone let me know (its only a few hours old)

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Are we there yet? [Monday, Dec 12th, 2005
@ 12:36am]
[ mood | bored ]

OK so Umina wasnt my cup of tea.. although Pearl Beach was beautiful (to look at)
The markets sucked.. Erina Fair was ghey.. and I spent most of my weekend sleeping in a caravan watching DVDs.. some holiday
Why am I writing here? I just realised I have nothing to say, lol
So anyway.. yeh.. probably going to catch up with Sara (not you twilight_frog hehe.. i wish) this week.. we're short and bored.. poor us
Looking for something to do New Years Eve rather than what I did last New years.. Get Covered in blood by posthuman3 (You can do that again if you REALLY want Tanya.. Im open)
Anyone got any ideas what to do for NYE??
I want to see people I havent seen in awhile which I like everyone.. (wink wkink..Holly??)
Maybe stalk Dave because I have his Mudvayne ticket...
Im going to go clean my room (NOT)

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